Deed Program


  • The Deed Program transfers property ownership but keeps the mortgage in place, allowing the payments to be made on your behalf.
  • We use a 3rd party mortgage servicing company that collects the monthly mortgage from us and pays your mortgage 2 days prior to its due date.
  • You receive an email stating the mortgage has been paid.
  • All closings under the Deed Program are completed through a local licensed real estate attorney and title company.


This option typically works best for a seller who:

*Needs to sell and does not require a large sum of cash at closing.

*May have little to no equity in the property and is unable to sell through a Realtor.

*Has a mortgaged property they no longer with to keep.

*May be experiencing a financial hardship/ health concern which impacts them from keeping the loan payments current.

*Has some equity, but needs to sell quickly due to relocation, military orders, or other reasons.

The mortgage will remain in the name of the seller until we pay the balance off in full.

We typically close within 30 business days, however, depending upon the needs of the seller, status or the mortgage and/or if other issues arise impacting closing this timeframe can be adjusted.

We will be responsible for ALL maintenance, repairs, utilities, etc. on the property.

We cannot ever guarantee any future creditworthiness nor lending guidelines. But most underwriters will excuse your prior mortgage if you can show them it’s being serviced and paid each month by someone other than you.

  • We provide you with the documentation that lenders and underwriters need to prove your mortgage is being serviced monthly by us.
  • You may also retrieve online monthly statements from the prior lender reflecting payments are being made on time by us.

No, our company covers all expenses related to closing the transaction.

No, our company will purchase the property in as-is condition. You leave what you don’t want to take with you.

If property taxes are not already included in the mortgage payment itself, we would pay the property taxes separately.

Note: most mortgage payments are made up of the principal, interest, taxes and insurance so a separate payment is not often required.

You WILL NOT receive a lump sum of your equity at closing.
If there is significant equity remaining, the attorney will draft 2 separate agreements at closing.

One agreement would be for the payoff of the loan itself under The Deed Program.

The other agreement would be for the terms we agreed upon to pay you for your remaining equity.

Note: If a significant amount of equity be paid at closing, please consider other options (such as a Realtor) to sell your property.

No, as we would own the property, the tax benefits of ownership would follow.

Obviously, that would reflect very negatively on us as a business and your credit report.

  • However, for your added protection, the closing documents will also advise you of your right to foreclose after payments are missed after a specified period of time (usually 2 months).
  • After that, you can take back your home from us and keep any money you received at closing, and monthly payments made, and any repairs that was made to the home. It’s a win-win for you.

Payment confirmations can be made by contacting the lender’s customer service number or logging on to your account with the lender. It’s as simple as that.

Outside of paying closing costs and potential arrears (if the mortgage is past due), we typically purchase properties with no down payment.

* If funds are needed to relocate locally, those can be negotiated.

Yes, the mortgage will be bought current at closing and all arrears will be paid to any past due lenders a wire transfer will be sent directly to your lender by the closing attorney within 24 hours of closing.

Our timely payments on your mortgage should strengthen your credit score over time. As the number of on time payments grow, and the loan balance decreases, you should see a substantial positive impact (given other items on your credit report are also in good standing).

There would be no responsibility to the heirs. Since we would own the property, the payments would continue to be made by us on time to the lender as normal.

We do, our company will obtain a new non-owner occupied policy. The listed policy holders will be as follows: the seller(s), the lender, and our company/business entity name.

Payments will typically begin on the first day of the month following the 30-day period after the closing and be made directly to the lender.

(Example: Closing happens on March 29th, our first mortgage payment would be on April 29th or sooner)

*Note: If the loan is past due and or has a potential foreclosure date, the mortgage would be brought current by us at closing.

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